Engraving tools.
Engraved rock.
Engraved signs.
Engraved sign on a suggestion box.
Engraved signs.
Engraved signs.
Laser engraved wood item.
Rotary engraving in progress.
Engraved items.
Rotary engraving detail.
Engraving samples.
Engraving samples.
Engraving samples.
Engraving samples.


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Need it engraved? Marshall Sign can do it. We offer laser marking and rotary engraving services and products. What is the difference between laser and rotary engraving?


Rotary engraving is typically used to engrave plastic for making electrical legend plates, signs, desk plates, employee name tags, etc. Marshall Sign offers a full catalog of these products.


View our color selection charts for rotary engraving surfaces here.


Laser marking is a thermal process that uses a high intensity beam of light to create a contrasting image on the material surface.

  •   • Laser marking lasts indefinitely.
  •   • Laser marking can be done on a variety of materials including
  •     small, irregular and curved surfaces.
  •   • Very small characters and complex graphics and logos are achievable
        and the end result is highly legible.


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